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Diamond testers

Gem3000 for diamond testing

Name:Gem3000 for diamond testing


 desktop computerJewelry analysis/jewelry texting machine (GEM-3000) desktop computerJewelry analysis/jewelry texting machine (GEM-3000) desktop computerJewelry analysis/jewelry texting machine (GEM-3000) desktop computerJewelry analysis/jewelry texting machine (GEM-3000) desktop computerJewelry analysis/jewelry texting machine (GEM-3000)  desktop computerJewelry analysis/jewelry texting machine (GEM-3000) 

Diagrammatic sketch & ParameterFrondBackDescribeGEM-3000 Jewelry tester is on account of full wavelength spectrum analyzer. It can appraise true or false and Whether or not dyed of jewelry. Its wavelength range from ultraviolet to near infrared. It can test spectral reflectance curve of hundred kinds of jewelry effectively.Characteristic1.Small volume, Fast measuring speed, show out the testing result in millisecond2.High reproducibility. Anytime and anywhere it can assure extremely high reproducibility3.Used Integrating sphere and Probe lighting4.Simply operate. Don’t need to regulate the sample5.Strong anti interference, 6.The effect of external light on the measurement is very small7.Open jewelry databaseMeasuring objectDold Pearl, Black pearl, Red coral, Diamond, Jadeite, Sapphire, Ruby, Calaite, Emerald etc.Operating environment1.Operating system 32: Win200, XP, Vista, Win72.Processing element: 466MHZ3.Internal storage: 512M(Recommended above 1G)4.Available CD-ROM / DVD-ROM 5.Available USB interfaceNotice1.GEM-3000 Jewelry analysis is a precision optical instrument. it is to be noted dust proof and damp proof.2.Pay attention to protecting the standard white plate, If the standard white plate is dirty the result of testing would be possible not accurate.3.Optical fiber is broken off easily. Please put it in the optical fiber box when you didn’t use. Let it bend naturally. Don’t let it bend hard.4.Close the sample door up after used. Please pay attention to light,When you place the sample. Don’t crush the Our guaranteeManufactory 1)  Quality assurance itemsThe guarantee period is one year2)  The main quality warranty maintenance certificateIf there is any dispute please refer to our guarantee letter, so:a. Please keep this guarantee letter, if you lost it, please connect with us in a month.b. If this guarantee letter has been altered or it has no our stamp, it is useless.3)  The following conditions need to pay reasonably even in the assurance period:Natural reasonsOperating mistakesVoltage is not fit for our operation instructionRepack it without our guidesDamaged for borrowing to others Damaged for authorized machine modificationDamaged for authorized calibrationAuthorized transshipment mistake Serve for long distance areaCertificateWe attend

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