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Diamond testers

smart-raman portable raman spectrometer for Diamond

Name:smart-raman portable raman spectrometer for Diamond












Raman Portable











Smart-Raman Portable Raman Spectroneter is designed for on-site detection and 
indentification.This product adopts box-type design,high integration and is easy  to carry.Smart-Raman Portable Raman Spetrometer can deduct the fluorescence
automatically and eliminate the interference of fluorescence on Raman analysis.It can identify substance and analyze its composition,which is very suitable for rapid identification of gem filler and counterfeit.














Applied field


Drug detection,environmental analysis,Chemical detection,medicolegal expertise,mineral identification,Gemstone identification,Fossil analysis,Heritage analysis,Identification of true and false drugs,Coating identification,Raw material inspection.








Unique Intellectualized Software


Intelligent software operation:
The software interface can display the concerned wavelength of the current sample in real
time, and adjust the range of coordinates autmatically to make the spectrum always 
demonstrates in an appropriate place. It is convenient for the comparison and analysis of 


Spectrum Management:
The sofrware can record the spectrum of 20 samples at a time and change the spectrum's color, bold it, choose whether to show it, zoom it, normalize it to the same height, and track data and save it to the local. The software can select the

diamond master set according to the spectral distribution of it with different color grades.


Background Selection:
The software can set the color of the background and choose whether to display the grid.


Customized Report Printing:

Users can set the format of the jewellery detecting report on their own before printing it.


Diamond Color Measurement:
According to the spectral data of diamond samples, the software can calculate their color reference level rapidly.


Automatic Judgement:

Automatically judge diamond, and show PASS and NG









  . Open database

  . Start from 1 point,any shape

  . Accurately detect the type of sample

  . Accurately detect the HPHTsynthetic diamond

  . Accurately detect both loose diamond and diamond studded jewellery

smart-raman portable raman spectrometer











                                Technical Specifications


Laser Wave Length

785±0.3nm Laser's lifetime >10000h
Laser Power 100-500mW,Continuously adjustable Dark noise  
Raman Wavenumber Range 150-3950cm-1 Integration time 8ms-10s
Resolution 8cm-1 S/N Ratio 1000:1
Detector Hamamatsu backlight arrasy CCD, the area of CCD is not less than 24.5mm×1.39mm with TEC Refrigeration of level3, able to refrigerate to -15℃~-20℃
Sample Mode No need to prepare samples, use probes to detector jewelry samples for In-situ nondestructive detection
Internal Electric Source Internal electric source, with rechargeable lithium cells, can use more than 3h
External Power Supply AC90-240/50Hz
Raman Jewelry Database Support the automatic peak search and correlation matching, With common jewelry Raman spectroscopy data, open database, added support and data import and export
Signal Interface USB2.0
Product Sizes(mm) 400(L)×170(H)×310(D)
Power Consumption 220V-50HZ/250W











Detection Substances


smart-raman portable raman spectrometer











                                   Raman Spectrogram



smart-raman portable raman spectrometer




Raman spectrometer,spectrometer

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