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Diamond testers

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Diamond testers

GLIS-3000 GEM Luminescence Imaging System Gem tester

Name:GLIS-3000 GEM Luminescence Imaging System Gem tester





               GLIS - 3000

















1.Measurement area up to 10cm*7cm

2.The simultaneous measurement of fluorescence and phosphorescence
3.The simultaneous measurement of batch diamond, the ability of measuring the bare stone and inlaid diamond

4.The ability of measuring diamond with any shape and size, the smallest size of measurement is 0.001 carat.




Sampling method

Single frame photo and video

Measurement sample Finished products,loose stone
 Minimum measurement 0.001carat
 Single measurement of small diamond >2carat
 Measurement area 10cm×7cm
Adjustable range of lens flare diameter


Pixels 5184×3456
Services time of the light source >1500hours
Size(L×W×D) 370mm×260mm×350mm
Size of sample compartment(L×W×D) 356mm×256mm×130mm 
Weight 17kg













GLIS-3000 GEM Luminescence Imaging System can help the user to judge batches of small diamonds quickly (as small as 0.001 carat) and mounted diamond. The Ultraviolet fluorescence image and the phosphorescence image of natural diamond and synthetic diamond are different. GLIS-3000 excites diamond to becomes luminescence through the built in Ultraviolet light source, captures and records the fluorescence and phosphorescence image of the sample, and we can find out the position of the suspected diamonds with problem by analyzing the relevant images.





Imaging analysis



The fluorescence and phosphorescence of diamond

When exposed to UV light, diamond can emit different intensity of the blue visible light, which is fluorescence. If we remove the UV light source, diamond can still emit visible light, this is phosphorescence.

Gem tester,Glis3000

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