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We create products of EUREKA, not EUPHORIA

Learning for kids is not just game-to-child. Its about parent-to-child. And more.

Icon-heading A Unique Mission

Stickery aims to make mobile games that are not just fun for kids, but useful for parents. Mobile games for kids need to get out of the "euphoria" phase of sensory stimulation into the "eureka" phase of intellectual discovery. Our Stickery games mark the start of a journey to redefine children's games for a new generation of mobile-toting and digitally savvy parents. We are a small and talented team with offices in San Francisco and Singapore. We have awesome investors and we believe in the gospels of behavioral data and user testing.

Join us if you want a fast-paced startup environment, love coming up with non-obvious solutions and have interests in children's education and games.

Icon-heading Team


Bjorn Lee, Co-founder

Bjorn is a game producer and customer developer. He is a LEGO fan and visits toy stores now as part of his work. Before Stickery, Bjorn led teams to develop games & virtual world experiences for brands such as Sony, Samsung, P&G, Intel. Bjorn and Jarrold were classmates at Stanford.


Jarrold Ong, Co-founder

Jarrold is a software engineer and product designer. He is also Chief Playtime Officer to all the lil' kids in his extended family. Jarrold honed his engineering expertise across the fields of ecommerce, gaming, VOIP and has worked in startups in Silicon Valley and Singapore.


Fadly Mahdar, Co-founder

Fadly is an award-winning multimedia producer with 10 years of experience across TV, print, web and mobile. He sees children's media as an artful convergence of his backgrounds in entertainment and education. The other loves of his life are his wife, DSLR camera and his home-brewed music.


Wolfgang Maehr, User Experience Designer

Wolf is an interaction designer that cares about making all that technology around us somewhat useful, meaningful and beautiful. Behaviorally, there is not much that distinguishes him from a 5 year old with his short attention span and craving for new toys all the time. Nomadism helps him to cope with his curiosity.


Ben Grossman-Kahn, Education Lead

Ben graduated from Stanford's Learning, Design and Technology program and manages the education and innovation initiatives at the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco. His design experience included stints with Nokia, Stanford d.School K-12 Lab and Wild Planet Toys. Ben's favorite preschool memory was as the star performer in a school play entitled "It's not easy to be a worm".